Driving Instructor Training from Acclaim, one of the UK's Leading Driving Schools

Train to become a driving instructor with Acclaim and once qualified as a driving instructor you can:

Driving instructor training is an ideal career for people providing that you are at least 21, years of age and have held a full driving licence for at least 3.5 years becoming a driving instructor allows you to work around other commitments, choose your own hours, and be your own boss. If you train to become a driving instructor you will have a rewarding career with good earnings prospects.


ORDIT was set up by the Driving Standards Agency (An executive agency of the Department of Transport) to establish a standard for driving instructor training. The DSA inspect all training establishments and trainers on the register every two years. This enables them to be certain of the high standards of training and training material used by such establishments.

The DSA only recommend instructor training establishments on the ORDIT register. Read the details at: www.dsa.gov.uk
With an ORDIT Instructor Training Establishment you can be assured of:

Course Fees

Home study postal course       £195
Part One: class room course   20 Hours   £425
Part Two: driving course   10 Hours   £375
Part Three: instructional techniques
(Including Training Manual)
  40 Hours   £1,100
Part Three   20 Hours   £625
DSA Fees        
Part 1 Examination Fee
Part 2 Examination Fee
Part 3 Examination Fee
Training License Fee
A.D.I Registration Fee


Part 1: Theory Training

The Theory Training Course can be undertaken either as a Home Study Postal course or as a classroom course, the choice is yours.
Home Study Postal Course
We provide all of your study materials and sets of mock examination papers for you to complete... On this course you set the pace, working as your other commitments allow you. We will advise at what stage you need to apply for your first examination.
20 Hour Course
Our classroom courses are usually held over two days in a week, you will complete 17 hours in these two days and three hours will be used for you to undertake a further mock examination and further preparation for the Hazard Perception test, prior to you taking the actual DSA examinations. During your classroom course you will complete examination papers on various sections of the exam syllabus, you will have lectures, films and discussions in order to prepare you for the Theory Examination.
Hazard Perception
A section of your classroom course will concentrate on the Hazard Perception test that is now part of the Part 1 examination.

Part 2: Driving Course

Part 2 is an advanced driving test, which allows you to only make 6 driving faults during the 60 minute test. You will be required to eyesight test reading a number plate at 26.5 metres (old style number plates) or 27.5 metres(new style number plates), and “Show me, tell me” safety questions as in the learner driver tests.
10 Hour Course
You will first of all have an assessment lesson and then you will be advised to practise in between your training sessions in order to meet the required standard. You will need to carry out set manoeuvres and drive on town and country roads and also on the motorway.
Now that you have completed your first two stages of becoming a driving instructor you have a choice, either complete a Part 3 training course and take the final examination or complete the course and take out a trainee license.

Part 3: Instructional Techniques

In this examination the examiner plays the part of the pupil and you have to instructor him/her to drive in the correct manner.
Stage 1 - 40 hour Course
Designed to prepare you for your final examination.
This course consists of 40 hours training, 12 hours in the classroom and 28 hours in the car. In the classroom you will learn and prepare briefings, view videos on Part 3 training and have general discussions and presentations on preparing for your exam, and your future role as a driving instructor.
Trainee Licence
After completing the 40 hour Part 3 course and reaching the required standard, you can then (if you wish) take out a trainee licence and work as a driving instructor whilst still studying for your final exam.
Stage 2 - 20 Hour Course
If you decide to take out a trainee licence or feel that you are not quite ready for your final examination then we have an additional 20 hour Part 3 training course which in Great Britain you need to complete in the first three months of the trainee licence